"A man that really wants to do something finds a way, the others find excuses."
-Medgar Evers-

Charles Robinson-Snead, MS


I can remember quite vividly, as a kid, being very inquisitive about the "why". "Why did this happen?", or, "Why did that happen that way?" I often wondered why people were considered crazy or what caused someone to be angry. What was it that drove people to treat others the way that they did or to have a particular perspective about life. Ultimately, I wanted to know what triggered certain emotions in people to act or react in the ways that they did and I wanted to know how I could help. I wanted to know how I could use my life, my person, my experiences, my words, my actions, and my innermost hopeful self and personality to create a sense of stability for the next person. I soon came to learn, as a personal belief, that people aren't "crazy", it's just that life's experiences have effected us all in very different ways and we need assistance on how to manage and regulate the effects of these occurrences.

These thoughts and feelings were influenced by the environment I grew up in. The neighborhood that I lived in (or the lack thereof), the school system that I attended, the drug addicts, dealers, and exchanges that I saw at the local corner stores, the fights that I engaged in and witnessed, the school teachers that doubted me, the gunshots that I heard in the middle of the night, the racism that I experienced from my sports teammates, cops, peers, and townspeople; all of these factors, and much more, influenced my passion to assess, to understand, and to help. Because I know that there are many more people in this world who have experienced the hardships of life and may need some assistance in coping, managing, regulating, and needs some accountability to achieve a personal level of euphoria and stability, is exactly why I became a therapist. 


Upon graduating from High School, I enrolled into Delaware State University (DSU) where I earned my B.S. degree in Psychology. From being a Psychology major in undergraduate school, I was told that in order to do the work that I really wanted to do in life I would have to achieve a graduate level degree. This was cool because as a teenager I knew that I wanted to, at some point, pursue a doctoral degree so I was all for it. After graduating from DSU I took a break to get some experience in the field. I became a site mentor for "At-risk youth" in after school programs in the Newark, De area at University of Delaware for a program called "4-H", as well as a Community Living Specialist for AdvoServ, which is a residential group home agency for mentally ill patients. After about a year or so, I moved on to do outreach and admissions work for a trade school in Wilmington, De for about a year which is also the same time that I enrolled into the Master's Clinical Counseling program at Eastern University. After being employed at the trade school for a year, I furthered my career in Admissions by taking a job at DSU as an Admissions Counselor. I have also been an intern at Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Health, Pennsylvania Forensic Associates, and finished my internship at Mental Edge Counseling, LLC. I completed the Master's program in May 2018. Since graduating, I have been working at Mental Edge Counseling, LLC as a full-time outpatient therapist under the supervision of John Vander Ven, Jr. 

Professional Affiliations

  • Ronald E. McNair Scholar

  • Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.

  • Psi Chi National Honors Society in Psychology

Personal Philosophy

I strongly believe that everyone is capable of doing anything! If someone wants to experience happiness in their life, then they can. If someone wants to experience self-esteem for themselves, then they can. If someone wants to gain the ability to properly manage their anger, then they can. If someone wants to create a plan to become the first CEO in their family, then they can. All of these are possibilities that can successfully be achieved. The key to unlocking these doors and achieving any goal that is set ahead is CONSISTENCY! Therapy of all sorts, and life in general, will only be successful through a manner of consistency. The vision can be had, the goal can be set, but ultimately - the work has to be put in. As a therapist, it is my optimal goal to collaboratively work with you along your journey through assessing, understanding, accountability, carefully partitioning, empowering, engaging, and achieving! Let's put this work in!