"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are."
Carl Jung

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy varies a lot from family to family and person to person. We all know there are so many different kinds of families, some have single parents and some have two parents. There are also those families in which there are no parents and grandparents raise grandchildren, or children live in foster, adoptive, or stepfamilies. Family therapy focuses on the individuals in these groups to address the needs of the entire family, because we all know that everyone does not get along all the time. While conflicts are a part of family life and there are many factors that lead to conflict, that does not mean they can not listen to each other and work to resolve the conflict to build a stronger and more resilient family. 

What to Expect

Family therapy runs very similar to individual therapy. There are a few big differences; however, while the intake and treatment plan process are the same and based off of the need of the family rather than just that of the individual, sometimes it is based off of an identified patient. Once the intake process is complete the family will then schedule follow up sessions with their therapist based on their needs. To learn more click here.