“Change your thoughts and you'll change your world.”

melanie hunt, lmft


My path to becoming a therapist started with personal life experiences at a young age with exposure to therapy during and after my parents’ divorce.  Because of that, I chose to major in Psychology for my bachelor’s degree at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. I have always been drawn to the connection between people, specifically how they interact, affect each other and relate. Because of that, I chose to focus on Marriage and Family Therapy when I got my Masters in Clinical Counseling Psychology and certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy from LaSalle University in Philadelphia. I then went on to become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. My personal and professional experiences and growth has allowed me to remain an empathetic and compassionate clinical. I enjoy talking with others, learning about them, and helping them to change the things about their lives that they are not happy with or are struggling with. Throughout my personal and professional life, I have been someone who others confide in, problem solve with, and count on.


I started working at a brain injury rehab during my undergraduate years.  Providing direct care to adults with traumatic brain injuries really increased my awareness and knowledge to the complexities of dual diagnoses.  I gained a lot of experience working with individuals who struggled with behavior and mood instability.  I continued working at the rehab while completing my graduate program.  Once I obtained my Master’s Degree, I spent the next 3 years working full time as a Mobile Therapist and Behavior Consultant, providing therapy to children and adolescents (ages 4 to 19) and their families in a BHRS program.  Working with this population, I addressed different relationships, living environments, parenting styles and diagnoses.  Collaborating with school staff and others in the community helped me gain insight to how much working with an interdisciplinary team can have an impact on a clients’ life.  I decreased my full time hours to part time after deciding to return to the brain injury rehab as a full time rehabilitation case manager in the community outpatient program. Now, six years later, I decided to follow my passion and use my Marriage and Family Therapist license to join the team at Mental Edge Counseling. 

Professional Affiliations

  • American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

  • Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists

Personal Philosophy

I believe that everyone has a variety of strengths to build on and use in order to work toward meeting their goals and ultimately, living the lives that they want. My approach to therapy is an eclectic one; I work from a strengths perspective that tends to be solution focused.  I also use the cognitive behavioral therapy model, structural family therapy model and motivational interviewing to help empower you, change negative thinking patterns, and collaborate to reach your goals. I feel that an eclectic approach works best since no two people or two situations/problems are the same.  I meet the individuals I work with where they are in the moment and work with them from there, acknowledging and addressing their needs at that time.