“The eyes see only what the mind is prepared to comprehend”

Robertson Davis

Ada Morris, lcsw, caadc


Hi, my name is Ada. My path to becoming a therapist has been an ongoing journey. My interest in Criminal Justice started with my own decisions in living a life that could have very easily put me in the same situations that many of my patients have encountered. I obtained my degree in Criminal Justice and it gave me a such a sense of accomplishment that I wanted more. While in School for my AA in Criminal Justice, I realized that I wanted to work more in the aspect of rehabilitation rather than punishment, thereby changing my career direction. My past could have either gave me excuses to continue to live a destructive lifestyle or a reason to seek higher expectations for myself. I could have stayed stuck in the problem or focus on a solution and lessons learned, I chose the latter.


In 1999 I begin working in the field of addictions at Delmarva Rural Ministries as a case manager, in 2001 I moved into supervision. The BRIDGE program worked with welfare reform, and those people who had suspected and/or admitted substance use concerns. In 2004 I started working as mental to health aide with adjudicated youth in the drug court system. I started feeling complacent in 2006 and obtained my CADC (Certification of Alcohol Drug Counselor) and started working with the DUI program at Open Door. I again felt as though there was more for me to do in this field, so I returned to school in 2010 and completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science from Wilmington University. My BA allowed me to shift into the role of clinical supervisor at Brandywine Counseling. A divorce in 2012 summoned me to use the positive coping skills I had developed, and I soon returned to school at DE State University to complete my Masters in Social work. I started working at Recovery Innovations to obtain medical benefits, and after graduation I landed a fulltime position working with varied departments at Dover Behavioral Health. I worked at DBH in the Social work, Utilization Review and Admissions departments. In 2016 I was excited to obtain and start a new program at Fellowship Health Resources as IOP Supervisor. Perseverance paid off and I obtained licensure (LCSW) in Jan 2017 , and two months later here I am contracting with Mental Edge Counseling , LLC. I am a believer in achieving your highest potential by taking risks and this is where I am today, I am looking forward to the next part of my life.

Professional Affiliations

  • NASW (National Association of Social Workers)
  • ACA (American Counseling Association)
  • LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social work)
  • Delaware Cert Board as a (Certified Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor) NAADAC (National Association of counseling professionals)

Personal Philosophy

My approach to therapy is heavily influenced by CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). I am a firm believer in the use of motivational interviewing to assist a client with achieving self-actualization. Teamwork and mutual respect is the primary assurance that we can reach your goals. I believe that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is parallel of most individuals, therefore influencing me to use a holistic approach in therapy. I am passionate about what I do which leads to me to long work hours, but I am also aware of the boundaries I need to place on myself to continue helping the next person.

My personal mission statement is: To live my life with integrity and passion, committing to be a role model for others to be inspired, and encouraged to achieve their fullest potential!